Talent Pipelining

For your company, we will build and manage a targeted pool of candidates who are qualified to assume a defined groups of positions created or vacated through retirement or promotion.


Developing and maintaining this pool, over a period of time, will make your ideal external successors to feel wanted so that when the time for hiring comes, the right candidates are primed and ready for the call.  A typical project might involve:

  • Speaking to prospective successors and making them aware of our client’s plans and likely recruitment needs in the next 6-18 months
  • Ascertaining the level of interest in making a move and/or working for our client
  • Informing them of the potential benefits of working for our client
  • Getting a better understanding of them as a candidate, their goals and aspirations, issues regarding location and remuneration, and career goals
  • If they are interested, communicating with them on a regular basis
  • Where appropriate, introducing them to relevant client personnel, including potentially setting up exploratory meetings for both parties to explore potential opportunities.

This solution enables our clients the best chance of securing the best people into their business, whilst saving money and reducing time to hire when compared with a traditional search exercise.

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