Start-Ups in Africa

Whether you are acquiring talent for your startup or you’re looking to get targeted talent market insights no matter the market in Africa, we’d love to connect.

If you are an early-stage company, our talent map report is the best means to access the best talent and make great hires which have the ability to dramatically impact your company’s bottom-line, where one bad hire can be down right catastrophic. A talent mapping report developed by GSourcers produces quality hires that will ultimately become the backbone of an organization that you can build successful teams around.

With a much more flexible model that works for startups, our success is driven by our:

  • Meticulous focus on working with startups & high growth companies.
  • We gauge talent markets and understand the characteristics that make up a top performer.
  • We have years of experience building long standing relationships with both clients, markets & candidates. You will actually enjoy working with our headhunters!


We research, map, reach out to and provide strategically targeted and relevant talent, facilitate and help with the negotiations, all while moving real time with you throughout the hiring process.