Sourcing as a Service

Why hiring a full-service resource, when you can engage GSourcers on your terms? Save money, extra office space, equipment and other resources. Work with our virtual researchers, or in multi-VA firms according to your exact needs.

Focus on your core activities

We Do the Hard Work. We are:

  • A team of tireless researchers, who scours hundreds of Internet websites and locates experienced candidates – everyday.
  • A dedicated team that sees EVERY channel as a potential source for the next great hire.
  • A master team of sourcers that work successfully on social networks, search engines, articles, documents and websites beyond your employment sites.
  • A backoffice team that narrow your resume searches to the specific market and candidates.
  • A headhunting team that, when needed, immediately reaches out to great candidates, and continues to contact them on your behalf for 2 weeks or less.
  • A screenning team that eliminates duplicate resumes and makes sure you only review the best candidates.

Some Benefits

We help you…

  • Become a hero to your clients – Internal or external
  • Save hours digging for profiles online
  • Focus your efforts pitching and closing candidates
  • Build and own your candidate pipelines
  • Start each day with new candidate leads for every role
  • Spend your time talking with candidates, not looking for them
  • Speed up your response time to new client briefs
  • Close more placements every month
  • Don’t spend your scarce time searching LinkedIn
  • Start every new search with a list of the best potential talent
  • Introduce prospective hires to your company personally

We’re different

Submit a customized project, we’re just an e-mail or phone call away.