Contract to Hire Solution

If you are not ready to make a commitment to hiring a full-time employee, but have a need for skilled professionals to augment your existing workforce, then this is the perfect solution.

  • Evaluate an employee’s technical skills, soft skill and cultural fit with your organization prior to committing to a full-time employment.
  • Gain access to qualified individuals immediately to meet business needs, while keeping your staffing options flexible in case of workload fluctuations.
  • Minimize their loss in productivity and observe firsthand performance, making temp-to-hire the ultimate employment choice.

This solution allows both contractor and client to benefit from a trial period prior to the consummation of a full-time hire.

Your Benefits:

  • The opportunity to “Try out” before you commit. You get a chance to see the performance and results of a potential employee before hiring them full-time. At the same time, the contractor gets a chance to experience the culture, work environment, and job responsibilities.
  • You get a chance to let the contractor demonstrate his or her skills and value to the company during the agreement period.
  • You get ample time to establish if the contractor is a fit for the role based on skills, experience, and career goals.
  • You have the opportunity to test the waters and see if hiring on a contract-to-hire basis the best path.


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