Refer a client

When you refer your client, make sure to discuss with them our service value added, then share their connect them by completing the below form. We’ll pay you up to 17% of every successful project order sent by them for a period of 12 months! Why wait? It is easy to join.

How It Works

Here’s how it works:

IF IT’S AN OPEN REFERRAL – Notify us through the above form so we can inform your referred prospective client, introducing us to the client and your opinion as to how we can best help is necessary. also provide all the mandatory details about the referral-company and the decision-maker as well as your name and relationship to the company and decision-maker.

IF IT’S A CONFIDENTIAL REFERRAL – Let us know you want to remain confidential to the prospective client’s main decision makers, their direct contacts. Also kindly share with us your opinion as to how we can best help them is necessary. Also send us all the details about the referral-company as well as your name and relationship to the company.

Please note:

  • Sending random names of companies will not constitute providing referrals.
  • Only when GSourcers have an opportunity to create a business success story through your referral, a referral bonus for the successful projects over a period of 12 months will result in a referral bonus. We will pay you as soon as we are paid!
  •  Unless you indicate that this is a confidential referral, GSourcers will assume that you have spoken directly with the prospective client about our talent mapping services and we will use your name as a reference point when contacting the referred decision maker.
  • If the company is already an existing client, you will be notified as follows—if you work in that organisation, we can disclose our vendor number, etc. If you are not employed by that company, we will ask your referred contact to inform you (if not a confidential referral). If confidentially referred to us, we will let you know right away without any confidential disclosure!
  • Referral fees will only be paid out if the client has paid us for the work done.


Don’t wait today! We look forward to working with you. For any questions please feel free to contact