Talent Pooling

In today’s pressure-charged business environment, finding the right talent at short notice is a challenge for most companies, not to mention filling unexpected vacancies that arise in business critical roles. What if every key role had several qualified, engaged and motivated candidates lined up to fill it? This is what the practice of talent pooling provides – an approach to hiring that can empower your organisation to hire better people, in less time and at less expense, while enhancing your employer brand.

Our talent pooling solution has been proven to be the fastest, cheapest and smartest approach to recruiting quickly and cost-effectively any where in Africa.

Most recruiters are stuck in reaction mode for so long, that their state of constant catch-up becomes the normal mode of operation. We help your recruiters take your department from reactive to proactive by building talent pools to help them stay ahead of talent needs and forecast-ed trends in talent acquisition and your industries. These pools of talent will then allow your team to:

  • Have a qualified talent pipeline or community of hard-to-find candidates
  • Engage with these passive candidates anytime
  • Become an employer of choice with your most sought-after candidates

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