Market Insights Campaign

Have you recently tested the strength of your brand, candidate or employee experience? Did you know that, to improve your brand perception in the market and from within your own organisation, you can mandate GSourcers to conduct a market insights survey?

Your own employees and those that have left your organisation are powerful agents who have an impact on how the external talent market perceive your brand. Similarly, the candidates who have applied to jobs in your company have also had some kind of “candidate experience” that have been positive or negative.

In today’s competitive recruitment market, knowing what people think of your company to better position your brand could help attract, find and acquire the very best talent. Better positioning your corporate image could make the very best talent choose your company over your direct competitors.

Our market insights campaigns help you discover precisely where your desired talent is, their remuneration, their career aspirations and what will attract them to your organisation. The same report also gives you a powerful commercial advantage over your less well-informed competitors.

We’ll carry out research among your own employees or external candidates and deliver a report outlining insights like:

  1. How your company is perceived as a potential employer.
  2. How other companies in the same or similar sectors are perceived.
  3. Why people leave your organisation and what attract them to your competitors?
  4. Which companies are seen as the best to work for, and why?
  5. Which are seen as unattractive, and why?
  6. How our client is seen for example with regard to Diversity issues
  7. What are its major strengths and weaknesses?
  8. What sort of remuneration packages exist in the market
  9. How our client’s packages are perceived relative to others
  10. How our client could improve its image as a potential employer
  11. Would they be willing to relocate for your brand? What would make them relocate, etc?


With such surveys, our clients can objectively apprise their image as an employer and to define their employer branding with confidence.

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