As a Nurse Recruiter, you’re a Matchmaker between Nurses and places that need nursing staff, like hospitals and clinics. Each Nurse has a special ability, a place where they fit in, and it’s your job to position them where they can make the largest positive impact.

Hospitals, private practices, and nursing homes hire you, the Nurse Recruiter, to connect them with high-quality employees. In some organizations, as the Nurse Recruiter, you work closely with human resources to keep turnover rates low, ensuring that a consistent and comfortable environment is there for patients who may have to stay in a hospital bed for a while.

The search starts on college campuses and job fairs. As soon as interested students finish their nursing programs, you can review them to see if they’re worthy candidates. They must be licensed and properly trained, and if they’re not, you can decide if you want to help them obtain certification and give them a boost into their dream career.

Some people have a gift for entertaining children; others want to work personally with individual patients, even traveling with them if necessary; still others keep calm and collected during emergencies. You have a talent for collecting these Nurses, and understanding what they’re good at and whom they can help.

You gain satisfaction in knowing that you were a factor not only in providing a hopeful Nurse with a career, but also in adding a good person to a medical staff. You may just be one Registered Nurse, but while recruiting, you can wield the healing power of one hundred.

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