A business is only as good as its employees. It’s up to a Job Recruiter to track down the very best employees when a job opens up. Large companies and firms want talented individuals who will improve the company and increase business.

As a Job Recruiter, you interview potential employees and guide them through the job application process. Typically a Job Recruiter works as part of the human resource department. That’s the area of a business dealing with federal rules and regulations along with overall employee happiness.

Your job duties will vary from day to day. One day you may interview employees or visit a college to scout out soon-to-be graduates and offer them a position with your company. The next day you may brush up on federal and state regulations regarding employee payment and how to effectively deal with employee complaints. On the whole, you make yourself as knowledgeable as possible on your company and the hiring process so you can find the perfect candidates, and then convince them to come to your company.

What kind of person makes a good Job Recruiter? If you’re a people person who wants to work in a comfortable office but still have a chance to learn new things and tackle different responsibilities on a day-to-day basis, you may find job recruiting a rewarding profession. Think of job recruiting as one big scavenger hunt. For every job opening there’s a perfect employee waiting to fill it. You get paid to go find them.

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