As an Executive Recruiter, you find people to run businesses, usually large corporations. Like other Job Recruiters, Executive Recruiters dig through piles of resumes looking for the right person for senior-level positions. But, you go one step further in assessing the skills of the potential employee, as you’re staffing some pretty important roles.

A senior-level worker in a company, or an executive, is responsible for guiding the ship rather than just rowing an oar. As an Executive Recruiter, you ensure that potential candidates for such roles have the practical knowledge to perform daily tasks, and the expertise to guide the company in the right direction.

You figure this out through personal conversations and interviews. You use these interactions in conjunction with your background research on a candidate to give you insight to their personality and work experience.

You should expect to spend a lot of time on the telephone as you verify credentials and check the references of selected candidates. If all works out well, you make someone’s day with a job offer. If not, well then, you start the process over.

Negotiation skills are a must since you’ll discuss wages and overall compensation. It’s your responsibility to make the job offer (and the company) as appealing as possible to the candidate. Recruitment can easily be interpreted as “selling” in this situation.

Staying up to date on the latest federal laws, such as equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, also keeps you busy. As the Executive Recruiter, keeping the company diverse and inclusive is your responsibility.

Remember, just because a person looks good on paper doesn’t mean they’re good in reality. You’re hired for your keen research and good judgment, which together help you assess if a candidate can fill the big shoes required of them.

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