Campus or graduates recruiters locate and recruit talented students and recent graduates from universities and college campuses to fill job openings or internship positions. They may work for an agency that hires on behalf of numerous companies and organizations, or they may work directly for a particular company.

Brand-new college graduates are a sought-after group of employees. They’re enthusiastic, innovative, and can be inspired with nothing more than doughnuts at the weekly staff meeting.

Because of these excellent attributes, companies tend to search them out, especially when looking to fill entry-level positions that more experienced (and better-paid) workers won’t take. A Campus Recruiter is the one who does the searching. Campus Recruiters travel to different schools to meet with graduating seniors, interview them, and recruit them for jobs.

A recruiting event is set up by an individual college. Then they invite you — a Campus Recruiter — to their campus and pass along the resumes of soon-to-be graduates. This system works well for the school, the company, and the students. The university gets a higher number of employed graduates, which it can then use as a selling point to prospective students. Your company gets a concentrated pool of qualified applicants, and can fill multiple positions in a few, interview-packed days. And the students find employment.

This job is all about connections and selling. You want to make the closest connections with the “best” schools in order to grab the smartest and most driven students in the country. You meet with School Counselors, hold events, and, in general, find ways to be the one to have the first crack at new grads.

Of course, it’s not just about impressing the school. You also need to impress the students. You hold interviews, recruit, and give job offers. You work to convince them that your company is the best, and find ways to woo them away from other potential employers.

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