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GSourcers is working hard to ensure 100% client satisfaction and for this reason, we have prepared these FAQs for any company planning to use our services

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  • Yes! The intelligence is yours to keep. Our mission is to help you build a talent pool for pipeline purposes. We deliver the profile lists in an excel or PowerPoint format. You can even adapt it for your CRM, or email marketing program.
  • If you don’t have any of these, no problem! It’s your data to use in any way.

No. We do not charge a percentage of a candidate’s salary.  We typically charge by the hour or by the project. Research firms have a pricing model you can trust. Percentage-based search firm fees set up a conflict-of-interest.  They provide incentive to a search firm to inflate the salaries of the candidates they recruit. You shouldn’t have to wonder where a search firm’s loyalties lie.

Yes. We have developed proactive strategies to find high-quality candidates, utilizing the latest in digital technology to engage with potential candidates in varied industries. Our sourcing strategies ensure you get the best range of available candidates for every role. In addition, we enable our clients to keep all the applicant data associated with any hiring project.This means customers can often fill more than one role from one recruitment project.

GSourcers’ unique candidate warehousing service (also known as talent pooling) ensures our customers have access to an immediate source of high quality candidates. We also offer to manage applicant data on behalf of customers and make sure the data is kept up to date. When customers have staff turnover they don’t need to start from scratch to find a high-quality candidate.

No. GSourcers is a data-driven research firm. We hand over all the candidate research we produce for a client; something traditional agencies and search firms never do. You can use it to make hires at no additional cost. We don’t claim “ownership” of candidates for placement fees. We don’t make you do extra work tracking what candidates are ours. Our candidate sourcing research comes with no strings attached or additional fees. The candidate research is yours to keep.

 We give employers the opportunity to save. We offer a flexible pay-as-you go solution, one-year, six months, three months or one-month-at-time. Often, a month is all you need. More important, our solution mitigates risk. When contingency fails, you have no idea what — if anything — they did on your behalf because they don’t owe you an explanation. When they succeed, you always pay full price. There is no opportunity to save. Contact us for fee information.

Yes. We serve both agencies and corporate companies. For agencies, we offer Sourcing As a Service, which is a desktop based research product that excludes salary, notice period and contact details unless such information is found online. We provide a curated list of up to 50 passive candidate profiles matched to your specific requirements per assignment.

We will charge an extra fee if client requires additional details like salary, notice period, email, mobile phone numbers, etc.

  • Business continuity, often described as ‘just common sense’, is also viewed in terms of resilience and agility. We can help you to identify the people with the right resilience and agility to underpin your business success in the future, thus reducing the risk to your business.
  • Diversity planning – Using a targeted approach to improve diversity at all levels within the business will lead to increased revenues and company performance.
  • Succession planning – The more you plan for the future, the better prepared you will be when the need arises. We can help you identify and cultivate the individuals who have the capability to ‘step up’ when the need arises. By being prepared, you can help to ensure your business continues to function effectively with minimal disruption.

Yes, we can help. If you have a talent acquisition initiative that doesn’t fit neatly into any one box, or an investment strategy that bumps up against talent, but focuses on something far bigger. Because our research expertise is unlike anything you’d find at a traditional recruiting research firm, we are ideally suited to addressing your needs for any one or combination of the following research services:

  1. Talent Mapping
  2. Competitive Mapping
  3. Organizational Charts
  4. Candidate Identification
  5. Name Generation (Name Gen)
  6. Candidate Profiling
  7. Confidential Searches
  8. Diversity Recruiting
  9. Diversity Talent Pools
  10. Diversity Benchmarking
  11. Succession Mapping

No matter what the research need, a fact-based, data driven approach to executive recruiting yields exceptional results. Quite simply, it is how we outperform traditional executive search and recruiting research firms. It makes the process smarter. Smarter is better.

Our consultants have worked for most companies in various sectors such as IT, telecoms, banking, insurance, financial services, FMCG and more. When it was still operating as Cvcanal Consulting (DiaspoCareers), GSourcers consulted with prestigious clients.

  1. Microsoft
  2. COMVIVA (old Bharti Telesoft)
  3. Eurocopter (Airbus)
  4. Pharma Q
  5. ASPEN Pharmacare
  6. Coface
  7. Oracle Corporation
  8. SAGEM
  1. Double A (Advanced Agro PLC)
  2. Colas
  3. Fluidra Spain
  4. Symbion Power Services
  5. Motorola
  6. Most local and international banks and financial services
  • Great question. The obvious answer is that we can’t read your mind – or your database! We can’t know who you’ve already sourced for a role unless you give us a list of names (this is an option).
  • We can guarantee that for a list of 100+ profiles, we’re bound to uncover a large number of people you haven’t found. Or richer information on any profiles you have found (eg personal email address). If this is a real concern, let us know. We’re happy to work with you to find a way around it.
  • The purpose of the calibration is to calibrate! We need your feedback, and don’t anticipate being perfect upfront. It’s an iterative team work process – the profiles you reject can be just as helpful as those you approve.
  • If our calibration is way off track, we’re happy to ‘recalibrate’ at no charge to you. You won’t pay anything until you’re completely confident we’re on target.
  • Every sourced profile is a passive candidate. We have not contacted them, or introduced them to your company or position. They don’t even know they’re being included on a list!
  • We don’t know if they are looking for a new role, but they will fit your target profile. It’s up to you to contact and engage them in your opportunity. If you don’t have the capacity to manage this outreach, you can engage us to do it on your behalf.
  • We provide a curated list of passive candidate profiles matched to your specific requirements. Each profile, depending on the agreed mandate, includes full name, current geographic location, current company, current job title, salary, equity, and background information. We almost always find an email address, and other social media profiles. Sometimes even a phone number. Our work does not yet involve any candidate engagement.
  • The research/mapping process begins with a full briefing and client communication points being agreed. Our experienced team will then identify candidates through online and telephone research before filtering and assessing profiles. The result will be a high quality, comprehensive report that illuminates the research and gives a full understanding of the talent and the market.

GSourcers is an executive recruiting research firm. It looks and acts a lot like search firms because we all do recruiting. However, our deliverable is information. Compared to most search firms, our approach is much more fact-based and data-driven.  Recruitment research firms regularly uncover top candidates that search firms miss. In fact, retained search firms turn to recruiting research firms for help on challenging searches. We have the research expertise that they lack. Recruiting research firms often identify and develop candidates that search firms, in turn, hand over to you, the client. By using a recruiting research firm, you eliminate the middle-man — the search firm.

  1. GSourcers seeks to service any corporate organisation, staffing and recruiting company with 205+ employees that wants to strategically build a talent pool for each of the positions they recruit from on a regular basis.
  2. We want to save them from spending hours researching for candidates and days waiting for applicants to respond to their job advertisements. These are companies who understand that GSourcers saves them from hiring new expensive consultants, while helping them save costs and remain pro-active with unbeatable turn-around time compared to their competitors.
  • First, when open positions become increasingly difficult to fill – and, today, the “time-to-fill” metric is on the rise.
  • Secondly, when an organisation conducts a succession planning and succession management exercise and discovers that certain critical skill sets are missing in the organisation and cannot be developed in the short to medium term.
  • Thirdly, it can be used as part of a competitive intelligence gathering initiative. Your organisation can benchmark its talent pool in terms of experience, qualifications and skills against those of their competitors.
  • Fourth, it can be used to conduct an employment branding exercise to assess a candidate’s perception of their attractiveness as a potential employer. They can benchmark competitive compensation, title vs. role, promotability and other strategic measurements.
  • Fifth, it is used by businesses whose internal talent team lacks the capacity or specialist skills but requires additional support to boost the number of candidate targets.
  • Sixth, if you are a proactive corporate company or agency that wants to builds talent pools for roles that you recruit for regularly saving you costs, time and resources.

We do not advertise and go beyond popular sourcing channels like job boards and paid databases. We research passive candidates to give you a higher quality candidate pool. Comparatively, active candidates include executives who have been fired and those who are disgruntled. By proactively identifying, profiling, and recruiting the best talent, our passive candidate driven research deliver exceptional results. What is why GSourcers is an alternative to traditional search firms and job boards.

  • Access to detailed talent report on a target market
  • Flexible partnering model that complements internal strengths
  • Capacity to scale up – and quickly
  • Full client data ownership allowing ongoing hires
  • Tangible ROI compared to traditional search or recruitment agencies
  • Reduced cost and time to hire
  • Willingness to work as an embedded part of the client’s talent team
  • Dedicated team with expert sector, functional and global experience
  • Strategic rather than operational approach to hiring

GSourcers works by a simple flat fee, whether fixed fee or by hour. Our packages give you unprecedented flexibility to scale up or scale down your candidate identification and qualifying needs as the needs within your organization change.

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