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Creating a selling profile

Creating a winning profile is the first step to becoming a successful user on GSourcers. For information and tips on some of the essential items in your profile please choose an option below:

Add Skills
Having a complete profile with your work history and list of skills can help a potential client learn whether you are right for their project. You can add up to 10 skills and rank or order your skills by moving the tags in the editor window. This order is how they will appear in your profile. When adding your skills be sure you’re using the correct keywords describing your experience.

Add Employment History
You can use your work history to establish the credibility clients are looking for in a person like you.


  • Feel free to include student jobs, internships, and volunteer experience
  • You can also include clients and projects from your work outside of GSourcers
  • Your reviews, endorsements or recommendations will appear in your user public profile automatically
  • If you have had an unusual combination of jobs, consider adding some of them. It can make you stand out when a client needs experience in a particular field

Your business or employment history will always appear in chronological order, with the most recent at the top. Generally, you only need to list the history relating to the types of jobs or projects you seek on GSourcers.

Add Education
The Education section lets you add any degrees, certificates or diplomas you have earned.


  • When adding your education, you can include a brief summary of your coursework at the educational institution
  • Feel free to add any clubs, groups, or societies that were part of your experience.
  • Include any awards you received, your grade-point average, and/or class ranking (i.e., Magna Cum Laude)
  • If you studied a subject but didn’t graduate, feel free to include that as well

Set Your Experience Level
Your experience level helps clients to match you with the most relevant projects. Be truthful in selecting your experience level. Setting inappropriate expectations may make it difficult to satisfy your client(s) and could adversely impact your reputation.

Set Your Service Categories
You can select up to 4+ categories when you first create your user account. Your profile will be displayed in these categories so clients or employers can easily search for you based on the talent they need.

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