Competitor talent mapping: Hiring the best candidates

A competitive map is a visualization of the untapped and known external talent working with your direct competitors. At GSourcers we believe that this is is a vital graph of talent that a company needs to utilize when filling a business critical vacancy, whether new or existing.

Our competitor mapping reports help you to understand talent opportunities and threats within your industry and the markets in which you operate.

This visual tool will give you important knowledge of the talent competitive landscape and the actual passive talent employed at your competitors’ organisations, as well as how to reach out to them.

For example, you can use our competitive maps to model the quality of your internal workforce or leadership management team. If you want to know how much 5 of your direct competitors pay their heads of cash management, who they were, where they were previously hired from and how to contact them. You can use the competitor map to conduct several bench-marking exercises to make important business hiring and talent retention decisions. With the cost to company of your current Heads of cash management, you can use the visual map to benchmark against what was offered in the market.

With regards to developing a great talent retention policy, the mapping report can also allow you to strategize against killer-offers from your competitors.

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