Here’s an opportunity to partner with one of Africa’s fastest growing, high on innovation & a nimble organization. Join the GSourcers partner network to enjoy long-term growth and profit opportunities.

GInc or GSourcers is the brand used by our network of independent consultants and consulting firms. Each member of the network is a legally separate and independent firm. The brand is owned and managed by GSourcers (PTY) Ltd. The network using the brand GSourcers is not itself a separate legal entity of any description in any jurisdiction. Each member firm and correspondent firm is independent and is responsible for its own liabilities.


You will be expected to meet a number of high standards set by GSourcers. These standards relate to the quality and range of their services, as well as to other issues such as their size, location and branding. You will also be expected to provide services and advice to GSourcers in locations where, at present, it does not have physical presence.

A correspondent firm is expected to meet all legal or regulatory standards for the services they provide in their country, to conduct its business practice in accordance with, at a minimum, the applicable international standards. Correspondent firms are not subject to globally coordinated internal quality assurance reviews and are not obliged to comply with some of the GSourcers policies mentioned above.

If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us and we will get in touch with you.
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